We are not a Bank, We are a Non-Profit Credit Union

We are Signet Federal Credit Union, and this means a couple of things.

It means we are a non-profit with a long-standing commitment to the financial health and wellness of our community.  It means we are a group of people serving, helping, and supporting other people in their journeys toward financial freedom, independence and success. It also means we are free to serve them in the unique, precise ways they need simply because we are owned completely by our members – you!

Over 75 years ago, Signet Federal Credit Union began as an outstretched hand to community members, helping IC Railroad employees from a single basement office. Three quarters of a century later, Signet serves nearly 20,000 Western Kentucky residents, and counting.

With no stockholders or investors, Signet has the privilege and responsibility to leverage all profits to benefit members via higher savings rates, lower loan rates and lower fees for other services, as well as new branches.

We offer banking that is accessible, affordable and accepting of all community members of all walks of life. At Signet, we know your name and care about your unique story. Our goal is to provide you with a platform to live your life to the fullest and happiest through financial security, trust, education and guidance.


Start saving your money with Signet Federal Credit Union today!

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