There’s always a learning curve when you’re using a new system, so we wanted to provide some common questions and answers for things you might be wondering about our online/mobile banking options. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call or message us within the online banking platform itself.  

How do I get started with the new online banking and mobile app?

If you’re already using online banking or our mobile app, you can use the exact same login information to access the new platform. If you’re not already using online banking, on June 22, you’ll be able to easily and securely enroll to gain access. We’ll have detailed instructions on that day.

Is this app/online banking option secure?

Yes, we take every measure to ensure your accounts remain secure. Here are a few things to note:  

  • Two-Factor Authentication- You’ll be asked to set up two-factor authentication. This will help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring an additional sign-in code.  
  • Biometric or 4-Digit Access – Use fingerprint authentication, Face ID, or a 4-digit passcode to quickly and securely access the app.  
  • Forgotten Username and Password – Sometimes users forget their username or password, we offer self-service account recovery that gets you back in safely.  
  • Password Reset – Users will receive a one-time text or email with a link to set a new password. No temporary passwords here, the user will choose a new password and two-factor authentication for their account.  

If at any time you feel that your account has been compromised, please immediately change your password and contact us.  

What does this app have that the old app didn’t have?

We’re excited to offer many more capabilities within this new app that wasn’t available in our original app. Here are just a few features:  

  • Remotely deposit checks (no need for a second app!)  
  • Message us securely within the app or on the desktop. Have a quick question but don’t want to call? That’s ok! Just start a conversation with our designated staff.  
  • Turn your debit card off if you’ve lost it or you think it’s been stolen. NOTE: You will need to call us to verify your identity for it to be turned back on.  
  • Tag transactions to make organizing and search for items easier.  
  • Attach images of receipts to easily track your expenses and provide digital images for your record keeping.  
  • Add notes to transactions to provide more context to purchases to help in your monthly review and record keeping.  
  • Search your transactions easily to easily find transactions you’re searching for. Ex. Looking for all transactions at Target? Type in “Target”. Or after clicking the search icon, you’ll see “search and sorting options”. Click that to see all of your search options. You can sort by certain amounts, check numbers, tags, date, etc.  

Advanced Search

How do I use the Bill Pay option? If I already have bill pay set up with recurring transactions, will these automatically transfer?

If you already use Bill Pay, your payees and scheduled payments should transfer to the new system. You’ll see these listed under “Payments” inside the platform. If you don’t see them at first, log out and log back in. If they still don’t show up, you can send us a message from your account dashboard or give us a call.  

Bill pay allows you to electronically or by check send money to a business or person. You’ll need to know the company name, address and phone number.  

If at any time you want to add, delete or edit a payee, you can do this inside the platform itself.  

Is there a way to pay a friend or family member?

Yes, you can actually do this through our Bill Pay option, or if the family member is a Signet member, you can pay them directly in the app under the “Member Transfer” tab. We do however caution you to only use this if you are very close to the person with a high level of trust. There is a $200 limit per transaction at this time. You’ll need to know their name, email, phone number and you’ll need to choose a keyword that you’ll both know (do not share this keyword with anyone else).

I need to send a rush payment. Can you help?

With Bill Pay, we can send an overnight or second-day payment via  electronic or check.

How do I set up alerts? I have alerts set up on the app now, will these transfer?

Alerts you currently have set up will not transfer to the new system. But,  the new system has made it very simple to set up.  

First, go to any account. Then, on the top right you’ll see a series of options. Click on “Alert Preferences”.  

Then, you can create alerts for both your balance and any transaction that comes through. If you like keeping track of every transaction that comes through on any account, we recommend setting up an alert for any transaction over $1. You can then have it send you an in-app alert, text message or email. Or, if you’re worried about over drafting, set up a balance alert where you’ll be notified if your account goes under a certain amount. 


Alert Preferences

Will I still need MobiMoney?

MobiMoney is no longer available, but you can now set up alerts for yourself plus turn off your debit card inside our new app. If you’d like an alert every time you purchase, set up an alert inside your checking account for anything posted more than $1. You can receive an email, text or an in-app notification (or all three!).

How do I deposit checks remotely? Do I still need the Signet Deposit App?

Through integrations with EPS Remote Deposit Anywhere. Members can deposit checks from their device. On the new app (you will no longer need the Signet Deposit app), you’ll want to click on “Deposit Checks”. Accept the terms and conditions and enter the account numbers you want to be able to deposit to Savings or Checking. Once you’ve done this, please wait for us to approve you. Once approved, you can take a picture of your check and submit. You’ll also be able to view any past remotely deposited checks here as well.  

Taking a Picture of Your Check:  

  • Make sure you are in good light on a flat surface so the check can be seen.  
  • On the back of the check:  
    • Sign your name 
    • Add “For Remote Deposit to Signet” on the line below your signature.  
    • Snap the picture of the front and back of your check and submit.  

Will I be able to see copies of my checks?

Yes, once your check has cleared you’ll be able to see it attached to that transaction.

I’d love to be able to see my statements online, how do I set up e-statements?

You can now see your e-statements on the mobile app. You’ll have access to statements and tax documents. To enroll, click documents under your savings or checking account,  enter your email address, accept the terms and conditions and submit. Your e-statements will show on the first of the month. If you currently have e-statements, those will move to the new platform automatically.

Do you have any budgeting tools?

Our app and online banking platform do offer some budgeting tools  to help you stay on track with your spending and saving.  

  • Add tags and notes to transactions to keep track of your spending. Ex. Create a “Groceries” tag to see all transactions for groceries for the month.  
  • Keep track of loan payments and bill pay schedules inside the app. Never be surprised again when a payment will come out of your account.  
  • Sign up for e-statements to allow you to see an overview of your accounts every month and easily print them for tax purposes. You can also sort and print transactions from each account as well. 

Have more questions? Start a conversation with our staff within your app/online banking account. Or give us a call!