Signet Federal Credit Union

83rd Annual Meeting

Date: 3/6/22

Time: 2:00 pm


Signet will be using an online platform called CU Ballot to conduct a virtual annual meeting. Audio will be able to be heard during the meeting from the PC or mobile device speakers. Any materials handed out can be downloaded within the meeting platform, but are also available to view here: 2021 Meeting Minutes   2022 Meeting Handout

Those representing Signet at the meeting will be able to be seen on the screen, however, member attendees will not be seen by anyone.

Login can be done at any time prior to the 2:00 pm start time. When logging in early, the wait screen will change to the live meeting once it begins.

To ensure access to the meeting, you may use the link below to test your login credentials:

1. To login to the virtual meeting, click this link:  Test Your Login Here

2. Once on the virtual meeting website, enter the following information;

  • Member Account Number
  • Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number (of primary account holder)

3. You will be directed to the page below when you have successfully logged into the website.

CU ballot

If you have any difficulty logging in on the test site, you will need to contact a Signet Member Representative at 270.443.5261 prior to Friday, March 4th, 2022. 


Attendee microphones will not be accessible.  Meeting attendees will need to submit any questions they may have via the chat feature, which is monitored by the meeting moderator. 

If the attendee’s question is not answered at the end of the business meeting due to time limitations or because it falls outside the scope of Annual Meeting business, attendees will be contacted during normal business hours. 


If voting is needed, a pop-up box will display on the attendee’s screen. 

If you have any difficulty logging in on the test site, you will need to contact a Signet Member Representative at 270.443.5261 prior to Friday, March 4th, 2022.