SignetFCU-Mobile App With Budget On Table

28 Feb

4 Ways to Use the SignetFCU-Mobile App To Your Financial Advantage

Are you taking advantage of all your SignetFCU-Mobile app has to offer? Our new app has many options to make your daily financial life a little easier. Here are four ways you can take advantage of some free tools on the app for your benefit: 

  • Auto transfer money and track your savings as it increases. Inside the app you can set up the frequency of transfers from your checking to your savings. So, if you know you get paid every two weeks, then schedule money to move to savings the day after each payday. Just make sure you’ve left enough in your checking account for any expenses/bills.

SignetFCU-Mobile App

  • Save on card processing fees by paying your bills through the app. Plus, once your payees are set up, you can pay all your bills with autopay or with just a few taps every month.


  • Notice when something looks off on your account and protect what’s yours by setting up alerts. There are many precautions you can take, but sometimes fraudsters and thieves still win. With alerts set up, you’ll be able to know when transactions go through on your account. If you see something suspicious, you can message us on the app or give us a call directly.

Alert Preferences

  • Time is money, right? Save time and deposit your check remotely. Each month you’re able to deposit up to 10 checks for free and up to 5 in one day, with a $2,000 check maximum. Sometimes you just can’t make it across town by 5. We get it. That’s why we offer remote deposit options.


Not sure how some of these features work? We explain how to set them up in the video below:

Lastly, remember to keep your app updated. If you run into an issue where something isn’t working or maybe isn’t loading correctly, always check to see if you’re on the latest version of the app. If not, then upgrade to the latest version. If you are, try turning your phone on and off again. Then, check your wifi or cellular connection. If you’re still running into issues, give us a call so we can try to get to the bottom of the issue.

Ready to take full advantage of all Signet has to offer? Then download the SignetFCU-Mobile app and start managing your finances from wherever you are.


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