19 Oct

How Tech Makes Grandma’s Financial Advice Easy To Follow

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Since Grandma grew up through some of the hardest financial seasons of our country, she’s never been shy about offering a little financial advice, has she? You’ve heard for years about “saving for a rainy day” and “always have a little extra cash with you” or “make sure you keep a record of everything”. She just wants better for you! That’s her main objective in each piece of (wanted or unwanted) advice. 

Sure, you may have responded with a few eye-rolls at times. But, we have some good news, her advice is easier to follow now more than ever. Next time you visit, you might even be surprised that she’s already taking advantage of some new financial technology. 

What tech is making such a big difference in family finances? 


-Budgeting Apps 

Grandma told you to keep a record of everything. Now, you can use a Google sheet or a budgeting app on your phone to track spending and saving activities. Pairing this activity to your budget makes tracking your actual spending so much easier. Plus, if you’re paying down debt, you may even get a little burst of energy as you see that graph dip downward toward $0. 

So, next time she says “Do you know how much you spent on eating out last month? You know you could save more if you made your own meals at home.” You can look at your app and say “Actually I do. I spent ____ last month eating out. And it all fit into the budget I set up.” 

Talk about impressing Grandma! 


-Text Alerts 

Alert Preferences

Has Grandma talked about knowing where all of your money is going? Is she  worried your debit card is going to get hacked? 

Text alerts are your answer then.

You’ll know when things clear on your account and if anything looks suspicious, just give us a call or message us inside our SignetFCU-Mobile app. If you’re using Signet’s online banking option, you can set these up in the “Alert Preferences” of each account.


-ATMS and Remote Depositing Checks 

Is she always reminding you what time Signet closes? Is she worried that you never have any cash on you? That’s one of the great things about our 24/7 ATMs, you can get a little cash anytime you need it. Plus, if you aren’t able to stop by and see us, you can deposit a check with our SignetFCU-Mobile app anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks. 


-SignetFCU-Mobile Bill Pay

Has Grandma ever told you to pay the bill as soon as you get it? Well, it just got cheaper and easier to follow this tip. Our SignetFCU-Mobile app has free bill pay. You can pay someone or a company with a check from your account. But, you don’t have to pay for the check, the envelope or postage. So, take a few minutes to set up your main payees: electric company, mortgage/rent, internet, phone, etc. Then, as soon as you get the bill in email or mail, hop on the app, type in the amount and send that check on its way. You’ll have your monthly bills paid in less than 5 minutes, probably while you’re standing in line at the grocery. 

Budget With Signet's App


Plan. Save. Spend. Track. Plan.

Basically, Grandma’s advice narrows down to these steps. It’s the cycle that’s best as you tackle how to keep your finances in order. Your Signet online banking and mobile app helps you do all of these. We’re here to help you keep your Grandma’s advice and become more financially stable! 

So, take full advantage of being a part of the Signet community and all we have to offer from free bill pay, Christmas Savings Accounts, better loan rates and more. If you’re not already working with us, learn more about the benefits of opening an account here.