Holidays of Hope

18 Dec

Holidays of Hope – It Takes Each of Us

$1,450! That’s how much your Signet debit card swipes raised over Black Friday weekend for our Holidays of Hope Swipe and Give Event. It’s clear that our members love shopping for Christmas deals… but it meant so much more than that to local families in need! 

Community Kitchen Donation

We were able to present this check to Paducah’s Community Kitchen. You helped make that donation happen! 

It is the season to spread a little hope. And, being a member of Signet means you’re helping us do that across our large community! We’ve hosted a free movie night, we gave away Christmas ornaments and because of certain investments, we were able to give $30,000 to local charities!

This year, we wanted to show a little more support for our local children and adults living with disabilities. So, we picked out 4 charities to come alongside this holiday season. Each charity received $7,500 to use where they needed it most. Here’s how this money will help and how you can get involved too: 


  • Easterseals West Kentucky

Donation to Easterseals West Kentucky

Our local Easterseals helps children and adults live better lives by providing services, education, outreach and advocacy to people living with autism or other special needs. 

They serve so everyone can feel empowered to reach for and realize their full potential. They have a child development center, physical rehabilitation services and job training for people with disabilities. 

All of their services help people address life’s challenges and achieve personal goals. Want to help them continue providing these services? Learn more about them here



  • Marshall County Exceptional Center

Signet Donation to the Marshall County Exceptional Center

We were so excited to partner with the Marshall County Exceptional Center. They work with adults and teens to “provide people with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to lead full and meaningful lives through training, support, and loving concern.”

They receive some federal funding, but to keep the doors open to these students they rely heavily on donations. Ours will help pay the staff, pay utilities and help them take students out for a fun Christmas party complete with dinner and a movie. It will also help them buy supplies to create environments for different disability needs.

The staff at MCEC wants to continue growing so they can accommodate as many students and needs as they can. One recent modification they made was in their sensory room for autistic students. They were able to install special lighting that makes it easier for them to concentrate and relax. They’re hoping to install these lights in more classrooms. Want to help them with this endeavor? Contact them here



  • Cassidy’s Cause

Cassidy's Cause

They were our very first Holidays of Hope donation this year. We loved getting to tour the property and see all that they’re capable of doing to bring hope to those living with disabilities. Cassidy’s Cause provides an opportunity to grow and develop through therapeutic, educational and recreational activities, while on a horse.

“We are able to help those with disabilities go beyond their wildest dreams,” Angie Jackson said, Executive Director of Cassidy’s Cause.

This therapy helps their riders improve balance, muscle strength, coordination and fine motor skills. But, it also improves self-confidence, emotional control and helps them develop patience. They have seen that this therapy can provide benefits to a wide variety of issues like ADHD, traumatic brain injuries, autism, stroke and even those with substance abuse problems.

We are so glad we are able to partner with them in their mission! If you would like to learn more about their services or how you can help, visit their website. 



  • Murray Rockets – Special Olympics Kentucky

Special Olympics Murray

Meet the Murray Rockets! They attended the Kentucky Special Olympics Bowling Tournament thanks to our Holidays of Hope donation!

The Murray/Calloway Co. Special Olympics offers 10 different sports, but bowling is the most popular among their athletes. With 140 bowling participants they needed two charter buses to arrive at the state tournament. Our donation came just in time!

Special Olympics doesn’t receive any government assistance so donations like ours keep these athletes in the game. One of their newest initiatives is helping participants engage with the performing arts as well. Six years ago they began the Penguin Project so they can be in plays at the local Playhouse in the Park.

If you want to learn more about volunteering or being a part of one of their largest annual fundraisers, The Polar Plunge, visit


We felt so blessed to be able to support these organizations. But, more importantly we hope we’re inspiring you to spread a little hope this holiday season as well.

Holidays of Hope 2019

Here is our challenge to you! Do at least one of the following before the end of the year!

  • Choose a local charity to either donate money or time to. 
  • Ask your kids who they’ve seen that needs a little help. Help them help that person. Their responses may surprise you! 
  • Donate to your child’s class supplies, clothes, books and more. You might be surprised what your local teachers are buying out of their own pockets to make their students’ classroom experience the best it can be.
  • Choose a local family to anonymously bless this Christmas. Pay for part of their electric bill, have non-perishable groceries/supplies delivered to their front door, or send a Christmas card with a grocery gift card inserted. 
  • Like eating out often? Examine the room and choose a person or family to pay for their bill anonymously! 

Spreading hope this season takes effort from each of us. A check will always be a good gift, but many times our time or even a simple smile can help lift the spirits of those around you. Thanks for being a part of our Holidays of Hope initiative again this year! 


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