16 Oct

Scary Good Ways to Save Money

Autumn is a great time to focus on saving, especially as we enter into two of the most expensive months of the year. But, let’s not skip the fun of Halloween! Before you launch into holiday parties and Christmas shopping, here are some scary good ways to save money. 


  • Do you usually have too many trick or treaters? Or, do you sponsor a trunk at a trunk or treat event? Get your friends involved! Have friends bring a bag of candy to pass out to the little goblins and ghouls. Or, host a party where everyone brings candy and a side dish. It’s a fun little dinner party without having to spend too much on food or candy for your trick or treaters.


  • Make your own costume or buy cheap accessories to go with what you already have at home. Have a polka dot dress? Grab some red lipstick and mouse ears. Want to be a family of witches and wizards? Have everyone wear black (dresses or black shirt and jeans) and buy some simple witch and wizard hats. Your local discount stores are excellent places to pick up a few accessories to make simple costumes. From fairy wings to pirate bandannas to hero masks, you can usually take outfits you have at home and turn them into something more! For instance, take a black mask and wear with a black-and-white striped shirt and black pants. Then, grab a pillowcase and cut out a dollar sign from black construction paper to pin to it. Fill the pillowcase with newspaper or some other filler. With only the purchase of a mask you’re now a robber.  Check out these fun family costumes! 


  • Start looking for those holiday essentials during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Many times grocery stores will have special deals on different holiday cooking favorites each week. Keep an eye on their weekly ads so you’re able to stock up on what you know you’ll need and will last into the new year. This week might be a good time to clean out the fridge, freezer and pantry so you know you’ll have room! Plus, don’t forget to pick up a few extras when you run across a good deal for local food drives. 


  • Stop by your favorite craft or home decor stores a few days before and after Halloween. Many times you can stock up for next Fall with new floral arrangements, costumes, home decorations and more. 


  • Keep your power costs low and save for the colder months. Would it be better to just open a few windows or keep the air conditioner running? If it’s a chilly night, but not cold, could you just throw on some extra clothes rather than turn the heater on? The colder months can easily drain your utilities budget, so, while the weather is still nice conserve energy and save that little bit of extra for a month or two down the road. 


It can be so easy to overspend on costumes, candy and, honestly, even early Christmas gifts. Stay under budget and keep those ghoulishly good smiles on through to the end of the year!