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01 May

10 Frugal Celebrations for the End of School

As you encourage your kids to end the school year strong, start planning for their last day. They’ve completed another year of learning and growth, and that’s something to celebrate!

But, it doesn’t mean you have to take everyone out to the movies or to a big dinner. Here are fun, frugal ways to make their last day of school a real celebration.

  • Make a sign for the yard with balloons attached so they’ll see it as they get off the bus on their last day.

throwing confetti

  • Meet them at the door and start filming your launch of  summer festivities. Throw confetti, release balloons and celebrate another year completed.


  • Film them answering a few questions, like:
    • “What was your favorite memory from this year?”
    • “What do you want to accomplish this summer?”
    • “What are you looking forward to most about next year?”

Taking Video of Kids telling story

  • Help them create a bucket list for their summer break while they eat their favorite snack. Try to commit to helping them complete at least one thing on their list over the next two months.


  • Did they get an extra great report card this semester? Celebrate their achievement by allowing to do special things. Let them pick dinner that night. Or, give them a little extra screen time. Or, allow them to stay up a little later to play a game with you. Or, maybe you give them so many dollars or cents for each A or B they received, then they can use it on whatever they want.


  • Leave a note at the door with a box of water guns sitting in front. Tell them you’re hiding somewhere close… let the summer games begin!

playing with water guns

  • Set up camp. Inside, outside or, if you have the budget, at a nearby campground. Build a tent in the living room so they can watch movies, play games and sleep under it all night. Or, set up a tent in the backyard, grill hot dogs and play yard games until bedtime. It’s just enough change of pace that they’ll love celebrating the beginning of summer!


  • If they’re a little upset about leaving their friends, announce that in 2 weeks they can have a few of their friends over for a party. Brainstorm what decorations they could make, create a menu/snack list and list the games they’d like to play.


  • Host a surprise outing for them and one of their friends. Pack a picnic dinner and go to the local park. Then, head home for a movie night complete with popcorn or ice cream.


  • Take them to the library! We like to encourage the library quite often, it’s such a great resource and everything is free. The library may have an event on the last day of school. Even if there isn’t, your kids will have fun picking out new books, movies and music they can enjoy the first few weeks of summer. Let them get their own library card so they can begin learning responsibility for the things they check out. They’ll love being able to check out their own books with their very own card.  

kids at the library


There are so many ways to celebrate the end of the school year, the main thing is to make your child feel special and extra loved. It’s a great time to reflect on the past year and dream of the adventures of the upcoming one. Remember, you don’t have to break your budget to show them love and encouragement. By working a few fun, out of the ordinary things into the day your kids will love and remember it! Want more ideas? Here are 10 more Spring activities that cost $0 for you and your family to enjoy.