05 Apr

Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

Christmas is long past, but many are still paying for it. So, when Easter baskets and parties come around, frugal is sometimes a necessity. The best thing to do is set aside the cash you have to spend and commit to only spending that amount. That way you know exactly how much you have to spend and how it needs to be divided up. Here are a few frugal Easter basket ideas that we hope will help you get through the holiday without stressing over money.

  • Make the container part of the gift! Do they need an umbrella? Rain boots? Do they like trucks? Or, use the same basket every year; it saves you money and they generally don’t take up much space.


  • Think of what they need and incorporate it into the basket. Do they need new school supplies? New hat for baseball practice? New flip flops for upcoming swim lessons? New socks or underwear?


  • Minimize the candy. Candy can be one of the most expensive things you add to your basket. Here are a couple of different egg fillers:
    • Money or change. You probably have a jar of change lying around. Fill a few eggs with quarters and dimes. They’ll love the sound it makes when they pick it up, plus you can encourage them to fill their own piggy bank up!
    • Colorful hair bows or ties
    • Army soldiers or other small figurines
    • Bracelets and earrings
    • Makeup samples
    • “Coupons” to do something fun as a family (ex. Rent a movie, build a fort together, go camping in the backyard, etc.)


  • Avoid unnecessary accessories. Nothing says you have to have the fake grass in the bottom of the basket, or even have eggs incorporated at all. Your child isn’t worried about the “cuteness” of the basket, they’re just excited to see the goodies inside. So if you can’t afford the extras, don’t sweat it.


  • Personalize something. You could make them a t-shirt with the family name on it, personalize their crayon box with stickers, or buy an embroidery patch to initial their backpack. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but adding their name to it will make the gift that much more special.


  • A photo album of a few of their favorite memories over the last year. You can pick up affordable photo albums at your local dollar store and then print out 10-15 photos to fill it up.


  • Books. Are they not that into reading? Get them a joke book or a book of riddles.


  • Flashlight or book light. Boys and girls will both love this. Whether it’s to read in the dark or to play flashlight tag, it’s a fun and practical gift that will last.


  • Have multiple kids? Get them a gift together. Each basket has a puzzle piece or riddle they have to work together to solve. When they do, they’ll discover a new outdoor game the whole family can play. Or, maybe it’s a trip to go hiking and have a picnic. Or, maybe it’s a new bike accessory for each of them. Whatever it is, they’ll love the game of figuring out the gift as much as they’ll enjoy the gift.


Easter baskets don’t have to be extravagant. It’s not a competition with the last holiday or birthday. Focus on building experiences with your family, giving you and your child memories to last a lifetime.

Hope these frugal Easter ideas helped! Try these other ways to save throughout the year.