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05 Apr

10 Spring Activities that Cost $0

Spring weekends can quickly get expensive when there are ball games to go to, movies to see and lake activities calling. But, you don’t always have to spend money on weekend adventures. Here are 10 Spring activities that cost $0 that your family will always remember. Every season is about making memories, not about spending money. Have you tried any of these yet?

  • Go for a hike at LBL or Shawnee National Park. A short drive away you’ll find family friendly trails to take the kids on. Teach them about different plants, bugs and hiking safety tips along the trail.


  • Bike through your city park trails. Biking on the neighborhood roads can be a little risky, so load up the bikes and hit the trail at your local park.


  • Have a movie night with friends. Say you’ll provide the movie (with your library card for FREE) and ask them to bring the popcorn! Ha!


  • Attend events at your local library. Many of them have a weekly story hour for kids, after school activities, fitness classes and educational speakers. Check their calendar and mark the ones you think your family will enjoy most.


  • Go to local school or church events. Keep a lookout on Facebook and local events pages to see when plays, family nights and other events are coming up.


  • Attend a free class or event with your local parks department. Sometimes they’ll have a free sports workshop for all ages.


  • Volunteer with a local organization or community clean up day. Volunteering is fun too! You’ll meet new people in the community and have the opportunity to help someone else in need.


  • Build a scavenger hunt for your kids or even your significant other. Write down clues and hide them around the house or town. Let the “prize” be a silly, handmade award made with household items. Everyone wants to win a spatula with googly eyes award don’t they?  


  • Participate in community Easter Egg Hunts. There are usually a few options for these every year, at churches, businesses and local parks. You might be able to attend a few different ones throughout the holiday week.


  • And, one of our favorite ideas from is to make a family movie. Do you have a smartphone? It’s now your movie camera. Really encourage your family to go all in and just have fun with this! It’s not about creating a perfect movie that makes perfect sense. It’s about feeding creativity and lots of laughter.  Encourage your kids to decide the following:
    • What characters are going to be in the movie?
    • Where will you shoot it?
    • What story will it tell?
    • What props will you need?


We hope this helps you have a fun, laughter-filled Spring without going over budget. Save money and continue building memories!

Want to find areas where you can save money? Take our quiz!