Signet Savings Quiz

19 Feb

[Quiz] Where’s the easiest place for YOU to save money?

Everyday you have the opportunity to save a little cash. It may not feel like it, but there’s usually one or two small decisions you can make that will have a lasting impact on your bottom line if you commit to them.

We’ve already shared some great tips in the following articles about saving money:

The following quiz will help you find some simple places to save money. But, one of the best places to decide where to save money is to follow these steps:

  1. Create a budget. This will change and evolve, but start with a basic budget and see where you overspend or under spend. Then, the next month adjust it accordingly.
  2. Evaluate where you’re spending unnecessarily. Are you spending too much a week eating lunch out? Are you giving your kids too much money each week to go out with friends? Are you planning too many day trips for shopping or recreation?
  3. Set goals. Do you know what you want to save for? Sacrifices will need to be made. But, if you know the goal you’re working toward, those impulse buys will be a little less tempting.

Take our simple 7 question quiz to help you discover just how smart you’re being with your money.