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05 Feb

A Special Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Are you a little worried that your bank account may be too low to make a special Valentine’s Day? Don’t panic! There are still ways to make your spouse or significant other feel special. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make them feel loved and remembered.

  • Do you know your love language? Or the love language of your partner? If you haven’t taken this quiz yet, it’s a popular one that helps couples understand how to love their partner even better. You may feel loved best when someone spends quality time with you, but maybe your spouse feels loved when he’s receiving a gift, big or small. Learn what their love language is and try to fulfill it this Valentine’s Day.


  • Write them a letter. This one is an age old classic. But it isn’t done very often. We’re not talking about grabbing a Valentine’s Day card from the grocery store on the way home. We’re talking about a real, handwritten, long love letter. It’s something they can go back to again and again to remember how much they’re loved.


  • Want to make them feel special all day long? You have a smartphone, so use it! Use the following schedule to send them a little love all day long. You’ll spend $0 but make them feel like a million dollars!
    • 7am – While they’re getting ready for work, send them a wake up audio message. Tell them something you love about them and how excited you are to spend Valentine’s Day with them.
    • 10am – Send them a picture of you smiling, if you dressed up for Valentine’s Day show them your outfit!
    • 1pm – Can you sneak away and video yourself saying I love you? It takes just 30 seconds. They’ll love it.
    • 4pm – Send them a text message with three things you love about them and express your excitement to see them after work.
    • 10pm – Even if you’re married, send them a good night text.

Texting I love you

  • Can’t afford a date night out? Send them an invite to a breakfast or lunch date instead. You’ll get a delicious meal but you can usually get cheaper prices at your favorite restaurants.


  • Send them an evite to a day of all of their favorite things. Their favorite food/snacks, movies, tv show, board games, books, etc. You don’t have to spend much and you’re showing them that you’ve been paying attention to the things they love.


  • Have a date night earlier in the week. Valentine’s Day is always a crazy night with long wait times. So instead, beat them to the punch and ask them on a date earlier in the week. Does your movie theater have a discount night? Have an early dinner at their favorite restaurant and then head to the movies.


  • Give to a local charity and have some fun. Sometimes charities will host a dinner or event to help raise money this time of year. Check on Facebook or their website to see if any events like this are happening in your area. Then, you’re not only showing love to your favorite date but you’re showing some love to your community too.


  • Host a drive-in movie in your living room. Have a picnic blanket in the living room floor with dinner already served. You could make this a fancy dinner or just grab some hamburgers, their favorite chips and popcorn along with their favorite soda.  If your kids are a part of your Valentine’s Day this year, they’ll love this too! Then, put on your favorite movie and enjoy a relaxing night together.


  • Want to give flowers but can’t really afford a dozen roses? Instead, buy a small bouquet to use throughout the day. Many times your local grocery store will have some nice options if you go early. Then, throughout the day give them one flower at a time. Lay one on their pillow, or have a single rose in a vase at their desk at work, or put one under their windshield wiper with an attached note. If you’re going out for dinner, ask the attendant to lay one at their chair or at the table before you’re seated.


The main thing to remember is that this day doesn’t have to be about the money you spent. It’s about knowing the one you love and what will make them feel special. You may not realize it, but spending $15 in the right way could make them feel the same as spending $100.

Also, if you and your spouse know that money is tight, a week or more before Valentine’s Day is a good time to talk about expectations of what that day will look like. You don’t have to give all your secrets away, but you might want to just check in to make sure they know nothing extravagant is coming if you already know the money isn’t there. It’s hard to do, but money talks in relationships are so important.

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