Teaching Kids How to Give

23 Nov

Holidays of Hope: Teaching Your Child to Give

Children watch our every move. They see how we speak, act, the facial expressions we give (even when we don’t realize), and they see how we treat those around us. As with anything else, we have to ask ourselves, So, if we want them to learn how to give joyfully, we have to ask ourselves, are we giving out of joy or duty?

When budgets are tight and the holidays are approaching, we can sometimes find ourselves in a perpetual bad mood similar to Scrooge, especially where money is concerned. Check out this list of ways to stay within your budget while still making generosity a priority this season!

Now that you’ve worked on your own attitude, let’s start teaching the next generation how to share and give generously, without too much grumbling.

  • When they are given money as a gift, or even their allowance, you might start a rule on how they spend that money. Ask them to save a certain percentage, give away a certain percentage and then give them freedom on how they spend the rest.


  • Are you planning a Christmas party for your child and their friends? Instead of giving or asking for gifts, why not encourage everyone to bring a donation item to the party? You can ask them to bring canned goods or hats/gloves for your local food pantry or shelter.


  • Ask them who they see that needs help. They might surprise you with their answer. Children see more than we realize and may have a vague understanding of a need their classmate or a neighbor has. This can be a great conversation starter to help them begin looking for ways they can help others.


  • Empower them to give to someone in need. Give them a budget of $10 or $20 and ask them to help you pick out items their school, church or local food pantry might need.


  • Begin to teach them that not everything will come with a reward. Are they old enough to help their neighbor rake the leaves? Show them what it feels like to work together to help someone with only a “thank you” given in return.

How did you learn how to give generously? Think about some of the creative ways your parents or teachers conveyed the message of sharing and giving to you. Let’s join together to teach the next generation the joy found in inspiring hope in others! If you haven’t already, join our Holidays of Hope initiative this season. Follow us on Facebook to learn how you can get your family involved!