School supplies including notebooks, pencil case, and two pens

02 Jul

4 Easy Tips for a Cheaper Back-to-School

Every year it feels as if the school season sneaks up out of nowhere. It seems August rolls around only days after school just let out, and before you know it the back-to-school shopping season begins. Get a leg up on your shopping this year with these few tips on shopping for school supplies on a budget!

How to Shop for School Supplies on a Budget

1. Start early

The earlier, the better! Starting your back-to-school shopping early brings less stress, more buying options, more time to make decisions, and ample time to save for larger purchases.

2. Sweep closets and drawers

Shop your home before you shop at the store. Search closets, drawers, desks, cabinets, baskets – even your cars! Stockpile all the supply items you can find, like pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.

3. Shop online and at thrift stores

Beginning your shopping early gives you time to casually shop for options, price points, coupons, deals and sales. Search online at places like and for deals you can’t find in-store, and begin thrift shopping and dollar store shopping as soon as summer begins!

4. Shop and pay with cash

When you make your budget for school supplies, be sure to withdraw the amount in cash or fund a VISA gift card with the determined amount. Doing this will help you stay on-budget and will prevent you from making extra purchases you may not need.

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