tax season

06 Feb

4 Tips for Minimizing Stress this Tax Season

The tax season is stressful for many reasons, from uncertainty to financial strain, disorganization and procrastination. Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be as stressful as many people make it out to be, however. Here are a few tips for minimizing stress this tax season!

Start Early

It’s easy to procrastinate filing your taxes, especially when you’re concerned about whether you’re going to owe anything or not. But the IRS won’t forget about you, and you’ll have to file eventually.

By putting it off, you’re only prolonging the stress for an outcome that will be the same either way, now or later, in January or in April. So your best bet for a stress-free tax season is to start early and get it filed as soon as you possibly can.

Get Organized 

Getting all your documents in order before you begin the filing process (preferably, you’ll have them organized all year long!) is a key step in minimizing stress during tax season.

Choose a large binder and insert multiple labeled folders to keep all your needed documents in. That way, you’ll have them all in one accessible place when you sit down to file or when you meet with your tax professional.

Get Help

Using an automated service or hiring a professional to help you with your taxes is the best way to make sure everything is completed correctly.

Turn Frustrations Into Changes

If your paperwork reveals a few poor financial decisions over the past year, don’t let that stress you out. Instead, focus on making specific changes and resolutions to implement this year to help make your next tax season more of a breeze. Use what your tax returns reveal about your financial health guide you in making positive changes for the future!