holiday budget

29 Nov

5 Ways to Stick to Your Holiday Budget

With all the hustle and bustle and money-saving deals of the Christmas season, it’s hard to keep your holiday budget tight through all the gift-buying. Here are 5 of our favorite money-saving ways to shop smart this Christmas and keep your holiday budget on track!

5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Holiday Budget

  • Determine Your Holiday Budget

First and foremost, your budget is the most important factor in your holiday spending this year. Without thinking of who all you have to buy for or how many gifts you want to give, determine your budget – how much can you afford to spend this year?

Look at your income and expenses for the upcoming month and be honest with yourself. How much are you going to spend on Christmas? Write that number down on a piece of paper and hold yourself accountable to it!

  • Create A List

Using the same piece of paper you wrote your budget on, make a list of everyone you want to give to this year. Then, put them in order of importance – most important at the top, least important at the bottom.

Look for ways you can allot more funds to those more important on your list. For those near the bottom, can you write a heartfelt Christmas card? Can you bake them a dessert and deliver it to them? What if you celebrated Christmas with an experience, like bowling or a Christmas movie night together?

The beautiful thing about the holiday season is it’s not about the money or the gifts, it’s truly about building relationships and enjoying family and friends. In what ways can you place a higher importance on that aspect of Christmas this year and cut your wallet some slack?

  • Shop Smart & Compare Options

As you start hunting and checking items off your list, be sure to slow down and really compare your options. For online shopping, check out money-saving coupon sites like and

  • Use Cash or Gift Card

After you’ve determined your budget, go ahead and reserve those funds in the form of cash or VISA gift cards and stick to using those two forms of payment anywhere you can. That way, you won’t accidentally go over budget or be tempted to make big purchases when they aren’t necessary.

  • Keep Track

Keep all of your receipts – even for the small purchases like decorations and stocking stuffers. This will help you stay objective and see where your money has been spent this year. We recommend budgeting apps like EveryDollar or Mint if you prefer keeping this info on your phone!

Stick with these tips and you’ll shop smart and hassle-free all holiday season long!