holiday shopping tips

29 Nov

4 Budget-Saving Holiday Shopping Hacks

The holidays are chaotic. You’re shopping in-store and online for family, friends, teachers, coworkers, neighbors – the list goes on. Simplify your gifting and stay on-budget this year by using these four holiday shopping tips and hacks.

Holiday Shopping Hacks

  • Use Gift Cards for Easy Budgeting

Use a VISA Gift Card for your holiday purchases to make sure you don’t overspend on your budget. Load a certain amount on your card and use it for all your online and in-store shopping!

  • Let Your Kids Do Some Shopping

Teach your children the value of budgeting while giving them the freedom to purchase gifts for a few family members and friends this year! Load a VISA Gift Card with a certain amount and help your child plan, make and track purchases. It’s a simple, fun lesson in budgeting and gift recipients are sure to love the extra-special gifts!

  • Gift Cards Make Great Gifts

Not sure what to give? How about the gift of a shopping trip?  VISA Gift Cards make the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year! You can purchase VISA gift cards at any Signet Federal Credit Union branch.

  • Start Saving for Next Year

Consider opening up a Christmas Savings Account for next year! Save through 2018, then cash out your account next October or November. No need to worry or stress about finding funds for Christmas spending, you’ve already done the saving!

Learn more about opening up a Christmas Savings Account with Signet Federal Credit Union here.