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With the Internet as the fastest growing form of commercial exchange in the world, the need for tighter security is paramount. Therefore, Signet Federal Credit Union has taken a serious approach to security. From the ground up, we have implemented a security system that safeguards your money and keeps your account information private. Layers of security include automatic digital certificate, sign-off, encryption, firewalls and password lockout. 


Our Signet Online Web site has been issued a digital certificate by Verisign, Inc. This certificate is a statement guaranteeing the security of the site. A certificate contains information that a specific Web site is authentic, which ensures that no other site can assume the identity of the original site. 


In order to protect your accounts, you should always log out of Signet Online when you finish. In case you forget, Signet Online will automatically log you out after a predetermined time period of inactivity. This will prevent anyone from accessing your account. 


Signet Online takes advantage of the powerful encryption technology available through 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Secure Socket Layer (SSL) creates a unique, one-time encryption algorithm each time a member accesses his or her account. Studies have shown this level of data encryption is extremely difficult to break. To give you an example of the power of this technology, in 1998 a French programmer was able to break 40-bit encryption technology using 120 workstations on two super computers running for eight straight days. While this alone is impressive protection, 128 bit encryption is trillions of times harder to decrypt than 40-bit encryption. Consequently, it is virtually impossible to decrypt a message protected with 128-bit encryption 


In addition to the encryption technology; we have installed a firewall to protect your accounts from unauthorized access. The firewall is a barrier between the outside Internet and the internal credit union network. The firewall examines each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria. 


In order to bank online, you need to know a unique access code. If someone else is trying to enter an access code to view your banking information, he or she won't get very far. Signet Federal allows only 6 hances to enter an access code. After 6 failed attempts, it is determined to be fraudulent activity and the account is "locked out." No further log in attempts will be allowed. Contact a Signet Federal representative to regain access. 

We have your privacy, protection, and peace of mind at the forefront with Signet Online.

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