Today is August 17th. 12:16 PM CDT | Routing Number: 283980099

Fee Schedules

Effective January 1, 2012

Nonsufficient Funds $25.00
Courtesy Pay (applies to overdrafts created by check, check card, 
in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means)
Stop Payment on Drafts or ACH $25.00
Overdraft Transfer $1.00
Draft Printing (fee depends on style ordered)
Account Balance assistance (per hr.) $20.00
Copy of Draft $2.00
Reopening Account $25.00
Transfer Account $25.00
Garnishment/Levy $10.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer $15.00
International Wire Transfer $35.00
Withdrawal Savings below $50 base fee $3.00


Excessive Cash Withdrawals
Savings (excess of 5 per month) $1.00
Foreign ATM (excess of 5 per month) $1.50


ATM WIthdrawals
Signet ATM n/c
Other ATMs (excess of 5 per month) $1.50


Debit Cards
Replacement PIN $2.00
Replacement Card $8.00
Blocked Card $15.00
Retrieval Fee $16.00
Priority Card Cost will Vary


Money Order $2.00
Official Checks (payable to other party) $3.00
Account Activity printout (per page) $.50
Late Loan Payment (14 days past due) $15.00
Check Cashing Fee/Check $3.00


Inactive Account* (per Qtr) $5.00
Return Statement** (per Qtr) $10.00


*accounts with no activity in one year (excluding members under 18) and balance less than $50

** accounts that have had two return statements and no activity in previous year